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Membres Temple Renommée LNF Football NFL Hall of Fame

Intronisation: Août 2021

Années Membres Équipes Années Membres Équipes
1963 Sammy Baught Redskins Washington 1979 Dick Butkus Bears Chicago
1963 Bert Bell Administrateur NFL 1979 Yale Lary Lions Detroit
1963 Joe Carr Administrateur NFL 1979 Ron Mix Chargers San Diego
1963 Dutch Clark Lions Detroit 1979 Johnny Unitas Colts Baltimore
1963 Harold Grange Bears Chicago 1980 Herb Adderly Packers Green Bay
1963 George Halas Fondateur:Decatur 1980 David Jones Rams L.A
1963 Mel Hein Giants New York 1980 Bob Lilly Cowboys Dallas
1963 Wilbur Henry Canton Bulldogs 1980 Jim Otto Raiders Oakland
1963 Cal Hubbard Packers Green Bay 1981 Morris Badgro Giants New York
1963 Don Hutson Packers Green Bay 1981 George Blanda Bears Chicago
1963 Curly Lambeau Fondateur:Packers 1981 Willie Davis Packers Green Bay
1963 Tim Mara Fondateur:Giants 1981 Jim Ringo Packers Green Bay
1963 George P.Marshall Fondateur:Braves Boston 1982 Doug Atkins Bears Chicago
1963 John McNally Packers Green Bay 1982 Sam Huff Giants New York
1963 Bronko Nagurski Bears Chicago 1982 George Musso Bears Chicago
1963 Ernie Nevers Chicago Cardinals 1982 Merlin Olsen Rams L.A
1963 Jim Thorpe Canton Bulldogs 1983 Bobby Bell Chiefs Kansas City
1964 Jimmy Conzelman Cardinals Chicago 1983 Sid Gillman Instructeur:Rams L.A
1964 Ed Healy Bears Chicago 1983 Sonny Jurgensen Redskins Washington
1964 Clarke Hinkle Packers Green Bay 1983 Bobby Mitchell Redskins Washington
1964 Link Lyman Bears Chicago 1983 Paul Warfield Browns Cleveland
1964 Mike Michalske Packers Green Bay 1984 Willie Brown Raiders Oakland
1964 Art Rooney Fondateur/Administrateur 1984 Mike McCormack Browns Cleveland
1964 George Trafton Bears Chicago 1984 Charley Taylor Redskins Washington
1965 Guy Chamberlin Instructeur 1984 Arnie Weinmeister Giants New York
1965 Paddy Briscoll Cardinals/Bears 1985 Frank Gatski Browns Cleveland
1965 Dan Fortmann Bears Chicago 1985 Joe Namath Jets New York
1965 Otto Graham Browns Cleveland 1985 Pete Rozelle Commissaire NFL
1965 Sid Luckman Bears Chicago 1985 O.J.Simpson Bills Buffalo
1965 Steve Van Buren Eagles Philadelphie 1985 Roger Staubach Cowboys Dallas
1965 Bob Waterfield Rams Los Angeles 1986 Paul Hornung Packers Green Bay
1966 Bill Dudley Steelers Pittsburgh 1986 Ken Houston Redskins Washington
1966 Joe Guyon Canton Bulldogs 1986 Willie Lanier Chiefs Kansas City
1966 Arnie Herber Giants New York 1986 Fran Tarkenton Vikings Minnesota
1966 Walt Kiesling Joueur/Instructeur:Steelers 1986 Doak Walker Lions Detroit
1966 George McAfee Bears Chicago 1987 Larry Csonka Dolphins Miami
1966 Steve Owen Instructeur:Giants 1987 Len Dawson Chiefs Kansas City
1966 Hugh Ray Superviseur:Arbitres 1987 Joe Greene Steelers Pittsburgh
1966 Clyde Turner Bears Chicago 1987 John H.Johnson Steelers Pittsburgh
Années Membres Équipes Années Membres Équipes
1967 Chuck Bednarik Eagles Philadelphie 1987 Jim Langer Dolphins Miami
1967 Charles Bidwill Propriétaire:Cardinals Chicago 1987 Don Maynard Jets New York
1967 Paul Brown Instructeur:Browns 1987 Gene Upshaw Raiders Oakland
1967 Bobby Layne Lions Detroit 1988 Fred Biletnikoff Raiders Oakland
1967 Dan Reeves Propriétaire:Rams L.A 1988 Mike Ditka Bears Chicago
1967 Ken Strong Giants New York 1988 Jack Ham Steelers Pittsburgh
1967 Joe Sydahar Bears Chicago 1988 Alan Page Vikings Minnesota
1967 Emlen Tunnell Giants New York 1989 Mel Blount Steelers Pittsburgh
1968 Cliff Battles Redskins Boston 1989 Terry Bradshaw Steelers Pittsburgh
1968 Art Donovan Colts Baltimore 1989 Art Shell Raiders Oakland
1968 Elroy Hirsch Rams Los Angeles 1989 Willie Wood Packers Green Bay
1968 Wayne Millner Redskins Washington 1990 Buck Buchanan Chiefs Kansas City
1968 Marion Motley Browns Cleveland 1990 Bob Griese Dolphins Miami
1968 Charley Trippi Cardinals Chicago 1990 Franco Harris Steelers Pittsburgh
1968 Alex Wojciechowicz Lions Detroit 1990 Ted Hendricks Raiders Oakland
1969 Albert Glen Edwards Redskins Washington 1990 Jack Lambert Steelers Pittsburgh
1969 Earle Neale Instructeur:Eagles 1990 Tom Landry Instructeur:Cowboys
1969 Leo Nomellini 49ers San Francisco 1990 Bob St.Clair 49ers San Francisco
1969 Joe Perry 49ers San Francisco 1991 Earl Campbell Oilers Houston
1969 Ernie Stautner Steelers Pittsburgh 1991 John Hannah Patriots New England
1970 Jack Christiansen Lions Detroit 1991 Stan Jones Bears Chicago
1970 Tom Fears Rams L.A 1991 Tex Schramm Administrateur:Cowboys
1970 Hugh McElhenny 49ers San Francisco 1991 Jan Stenerud Chiefs Kansas City
1970 Pete Pihos Eagles Philadelphie 1992 Lem Barney Lions Detroit
1970 ---- ---- 1992 Al Davis Administrateur:Raiders
1971 Jim Brown Browns Cleveland 1992 John Mackey Colts Baltimore
1971 Bill Hewitt Bears Chicago 1992 John Riggins Redskins Washington
1971 Frank Kinard Dodgers Brooklyn 1993 Dan Fouts Chargers San Diego
1971 Vince Lombardi Instructeur:Packers 1993 Larry Little Dolphins Miami
1971 Andy Robustelli Giants New York 1993 Chuck Noll Instructeur:Steelers
1971 Y.A.Tittle 49ers San Francisco 1993 Walter Payton Bears Chicago
1971 Norm Van Brocklin Rams L.A 1993 Bill Walsh Steelers Pittsburgh
1972 Lamar Hunt Fondateur/Propriétaire 1994 Tony Dorsett Cowboys Dallas
1972 Gino Marchetti Colts Baltimore 1994 Bud Grant Instructeur:Vikings
1972 Ollie Matson Cardinals Chicago 1994 Jimmy Johnson 49ers San Francisco
1972 Clarence Parker Dodgers Brooklyn 1994 Leroy Kelly Browns Cleveland
1973 Raymond Berry Colts Baltimore 1994 Jackie Smith Cardinals St-Louis
1973 Jim Parker Colts Baltimore 1994 Randy White Cowboys Dallas
1973 Joe Schmidt Lions Detroit 1995 Jim Finks Administrateur:Vikings/Bears/Saints
Années Membres Équipes Années Membres Équipes
1974 Tony Canadeo Packers Green Bay 1995 Henry Jordan Packers Green Bay
1974 Bill George Bears Chicago 1995 Steve Largent Seahawks Seattle
1974 Lou Groza Browns Cleveland 1995 Lee Roy Selmon Buccaneers Tampa Bay
1974 Dick Lane Cardinals Chicago 1995 Kellen Winslow Chargers San Diego
1975 Roosevelt Brown Giants New York 1996 Lou Creekmur Lions Detroit
1975 George Connor Bears Chicago 1996 Dan Dierdorf Cardinals St-Louis
1975 Dante Lavelli Browns Cleveland 1996 Joe Gibbs Instructeur:Redskins
1975 Lenny Moore Colts Baltimore 1996 Charlie Joiner Chargers San Diego
1976 Ray Flaherty Instructeur:Redskins 1996 Mel Renfro Cowboys Dallas
1976 Len Ford Browns Cleveland 1997 Mike Haynes Patriots/Raiders
1976 Jim Taylor Packers Green Bay 1997 Wellington Mara Propriétaire:Giants N.Y
1977 Frank Gifford Giants New York 1997 Don Shula Instructeur:Dolphins
1977 Forrest Gregg Packers Green Bay 1997 Mike Webster Steelers Pittsburgh
1977 Gale Sayers Bears Chicago 1998 Paul Krause Vikings Minnesota
1977 Bart Starr Packers Green Bay 1998 Tommy McDonald Eagles Philadelphie
1977 Bill Willis Browns Cleveland 1998 Anthony Muñoz Bengals Cincinnati
1978 Lance Alworth Chargers San Diego 1998 Mike Singletary Bears Chicago
1978 Weeb Ewbank Jets New York 1998 Dwight Stephenson Dolphins Miami
1978 Alphonse Leemans Giants New York 1999 Eric Dickerson Rams/Colts
1978 Ray Nitschke Packers Green Bay 1999 Tom Mack Rams L.A
1978 Larry Wilson Cardinals St-Louis 1999 Ozzie Newsome Browns Cleveland
1999 Billy Shaw Bills Buffalo 1999 Lawrence Taylor Giants New York
2000 Howie Long Raiders Oakland 2000 Ronnie Lott 49ers San Francisco
2000 Joe Montana 49ers San Francisco 2000 Dan Rooney Batisseur:Steelers
2000 Dave Wilcox 49ers San Francisco 2001 Nick Buoniconti Dolphins Miami
2001 Marv Levy Bills Buffalo 2001 Mike Munchak Oilers Houston
2001 Jackie Slater Rams L.A 2001 Lynn Swann Steelers Pittsburgh
2001 Ron Yary Vikings Minnesota 2001 Jack Youngblood Rams L.A
2002 George Allen Instructeur:Rams/Redskins 2002 Dave Casper Raiders Oakland
2002 Dan Hampton Bears Chicago 2002 Jim Kelly Bills Buffalo
2002 John Stallworth Steelers Pittsburgh 2003 Marcus Allen Raiders/Chiefs
2003 Elvin Bethea Oilers Houston 2003 Joe DeLamielleure Bills Buffalo
2003 James Lofton Packers Green Bay 2003 Hank Stram Instructeur:Chiefs/Saints
2004 Bob Brown Eagles/Oakland/Rams 2004 Carl Eller Vikings Minnesota
2004 Barry Sanders Lions Detroit 2004 John Elway Broncos Denver
2005 Benny Friedman Giants New York 2005 Dan Marino Dolphins Miami
2005 Fritz Pollard Akron Pros/Indians 2005 Steve Young 49ers San Francisco
2006 Troy Aikman, Cowboys Dallas 2006 Harry Carson Giants New York
2006 John Madden Raiders Oakland 2006 Warren Moon Oilers,Vikings,Chiefs
Années Membres Équipes Années Membres Équipes
2006 Reggie White Eagles/Packers/Panthers 2006 Rayfield Wright Cowboys Dallas
2007 Gene Hickerson Browns Cleveland 2007 Michael Irwin Cowboys Dallas
2007 Bruce Matthews Oilers Houston,Titans Tennessee 2007 Charlie Sanders Lions Detroit
2007 Thurman Thomas Dolphins Miami 2007 Roger Wehrli Cardinals St-Louis
2008 Fred Dean Chargers San Diego,49ers San Francisco 2008 Darrell Green Redskins Washington
2008 Art Monk Redskins,Jets New York,Eagles 2008 Emmitt Thomas Chiefs Kansas City
2008 Andre Tippett Patriots New England 2008 Gary Zimmerman Vikings,Broncos Denver
2009 Bob Hayes Floride,Dallas,49ers San Francisco 2009 Randall McDaniel Vikings,Buccaneers
2009 Bruce Smith Bills Buffalo,Redskins Washington 2009 Derrick Thomas Chiefs Kansas City
2009 Ralph Wilson Jr Bills Buffalo 2009 Rod Woodson Steelers,49ers,Ravens,Raiders
2010 Russ Grimm Redskins Washington 2010 Rickey Jackson New Orleans ,San Francisco
2010 Dick LeBeau Lions Detroit 2010 Floyd Little Broncos Denver
2010 John Randle Minnesota Vikings,Seattle Seahawks 2010 Jerry Rice San Francisco,Oakland,Seattle
2010 Emmitt Smith Cowboys Dallas,Cardinals Arizona 2011 Richard Dent Bears Chicago,49ers,Eagles
2011 Marshall Faulk Colts Indianapolis,Rams St.Louis 2011 Chris Hanburger Redskins Washington
2011 Les Richter Rams Los Angeles 2011 Ed Sabol Collaborateur
2011 Deion Sanders Falcons,49ers,Cowboys,Redskins,Ravens 2011 Shannon Sharpe Broncos Denver,Ravens Baltimore
2012 Jack Butler Steelers Pittsburgh 2012 Dermontti Dawson Steelers Pittsburgh
2012 Chris Doleman Steelers,Vikings,Falcons,49ers 2012 Cortez Kennedy Seahawk Seattle
2012 Curtis Martin Steelers,Patriots New England,Jets 2012 Willie Roaf Saints New Orleans ,Chiefs Kansas City
2013 Larry Allen Cowboys Dallas,49ers San Francisco 2013 Bill Parcells Giants NY,New England,Jets,Dallas
2013 Cris Carter Philadelphie,Minnesota Vikings,Miami 2013 Dave Robinson Packers Green Bay,Washington
2013 Curley Culp Kansas City,Oilers Houston,Detroit 2013 Warren Sapp  Buccaneers,Raiders Oakland
2013 Jonathan Ogden Ravens Baltimore 2014 Derrick Brooks Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2014 Ray Guy Raiders Oakland 2014 Claude Humphrey Falcons Atlanta,Eagles Philadelphie
2014 Walter Jones Seahawks Seattle 2014 Andre Reed Bills Buffalo,Redskins Washington
2014 Michael Strahan Giants New york 2014 Aeneas Williams Cardinals Arizona,Rams St.Louis
2015 Jerome Bettis Pittsburgh,St.Louis 2015 Tim Brown Oakland,Tampa Bay
2015 Charles Haley Dallas,San Francisco 2015 Bill Polian Bills,Panthers,Colts,Chiefs
2015 Junior Seau Chargers,Dolphins,Patriots 2015 Will Shields Chiefs Kansas City
2015 Mick Tingelhoff Vikings Minnesota 2015 Ron Wolf Packers,Jets,Raiders,Buccaneers
2016 Edward DeBartolo Jr 49ers San Francisco 2016 Tony Dungy Tampa Bay,Indianapolis
2016 Brett Favre Falcons,Packers,Jets,Vikings 2016 Kevin Greene Rams,Steelers,Panthers,49ers
2016 Marvin Harrison Colts Indianapolis 2016 Orlando Pace Rams,Bears
2016 Ken Stabler Oakland,Houston,New Orleans 2016 Dick Stanfel Detroit,Washington
Années Membres Équipes Années Membres Équipes
2017 Morten Andersen Saints,Falcons,Giants,Chiefs,Vikings 2017 Terrell Davis Denver Broncos
2017 Kenny Easley Seahawks Seattle 2017 Jerry Jones Dallas
2017 Jason Taylor Miami,Washington,NY 2017 LaDainian Tomlinson Chargers,Jets
2017 Kurt Warner St.Louis,NY,Arizona 2018 Bobby Beathard Dolphins,Redskins Washington,Chargers
2018 Robert Brazile Oilers Houston 2018 Brian Dawkins Eagles Philadelphie,Denver Broncos
2018 Jerry Kramer Packers Green Bay 2018 Ray Lewis Ravens Baltimore
2018 Randy Moss Vikings Minnesota 2018 Terrell Owens 49ers San Francisco
2018 Brian Urlacher Bears Chicago 2019 Champ Bailey Redskins Washington,Denver Broncos
2019 Pat Bowlen Denver Broncos 2019 Gil Brandt Cowboys Dallas
2019 Tony Gonzalez Chiefs KC,Falcons Atlanta 2019 Ty Law Patriots New England,Jets New York
2019 Kevin Mawae Jets NY,Seahawks Seattle,Titans 2019Ed Reed  Baltimore,Texans Houston,Jets NY
2019 Johnny Robinson Chiefs KC,Cowboys Dallas,Texans 2020 Steve Atwater Jets NY,Denver Broncos
2020 Isaac Bruce Rams St.Louis,49ers San Francisco 2020 Harold Carmichael Eagles Philadelphie,Cowboys Dallas
2020 Jimbo Covert Bears Chicago 2020 Bill Cowher Steelers Pittsburgh
2020 Bobby Dillon Packers Green Bay 2020 Cliff Harris Cowboys Dallas
2020 Winston Hill Jets NY,Rams Los Angeles 2020 Steve Hutchinson Vikings,Seahawk Seattle,Titans
2020 Edgerrin James Colts,Seahawks ,Cardinals 2020 Jimmy Johnson Cowboys Dallas,Dolphins Miami
2020 Alex Karras Lions Detroit 2020 Troy Polamalu Steelers Pittsburgh
2020 Steve Sabol Collaborateur 2020 Donnie Shell Steelers Pittsburgh
2020 Duke Slater Milwaukee Badgers,Chicago Cardinals 2020 Mac Speedie Browns Cleveland
2020 Ed Sprinkle Bears Chicago 2020 Paul Tagliabue Collaborateur
2020 George Young Collaborateur 2021


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