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This beautiful but sad song is kind of the story of my life

IT NEEDS TO CHANGE:From the bottom of my heart......

The (good) pressure from a sports site is nothing compared to the (bad) pressure I have had in my life. An example: buying a first home ($ 52,000) a Sunday afternoon, the following week, I got a layoff letter for lack of work. In those years there were no posters: "We are hiring" and the unemployment rate was high. This is really BIG BAD PRESSURE. Examples like that I have had others. I have been targeted throughout my life. There are surely people who will not like my text, especially hospitals, but that has to change. You breaking my Heartr and you breaking my life. All I ask is to be treated with respect like any other patient. If that doesn't change I will remove my site permanently.

Do you swear to tell the truth: I swear to God.

CÉ-KI-LUI?-C'est qui lui?--Who is he?

CÉ-KI-HIM? Normally I don't like to talk about myself and besides I'm not usually chattering, but I want to empty my heart. The saying goes: You have to turn your tongue 7 times before speaking. Well, I've turned my tongue around for 7,000 times before writing this text. I would never have believed that I would tell a part of my life in my site. It's not my style at all. I have enough. Since I have been surfing the internet, I take great care when writing on the internet. One click can give you a lot of trouble. It happened to me. My name is Dan or Dan the man, a nickname my boyfriends gave me. I was born at Pointe St-Charles in Montréal. I was a shy 12-14 year old boy who hid while climbing a tree in the park to read a book. It was my tree, I was hidden by the leaves and it smelled good. When I played sports the shyness disappeared because I get high when I play hockey, football, softball or any other sports. I am not a journalist: just an amateur who loves sports. I have played several sports throughout my life and it has kept me fit and healthy. In 1998 I decided to make a sports site. By doing a lot of research on the internet and a little patience, I learned HTML. In '98 there weren't many statistics sites and I started making pages until 2002. Then I put it on the internet. Yes I made the champions site, but a lot of people have helped me: people that I don't even know and who give of their time giving us information to learn. Different sites for HTML, others for scripts, gifs, CSS etc. etc. Then over the years the site has grown. I like the gifs and by placing them in various places I decided to add comments to make people laugh. Sport is my life, I've made it my whole life, a real maniac. Maybe it's not good to love too much. What do you want: I am not able towithout it. I'm not doing this to get people's attention, it's to be of service and make people laugh. I am the low profile type, but I know full well that my site has been talked about. The low profile is gone and I have to live with it. Pressure, I've had it all my life and I knew that by doing a sports site, I would have pressure but I'm able to live with that pressure, that's good pressure. When you play a sport, this pressure helps you. At first several people fooled me. I focused on CSS and changed the look of the site. It takes practice. The practice is not just good for sex. I made mistakes: small and big. Still, I am very careful and often check 2-3 times, but it happened. You still have to give the runner a chance. Often times, I corrected Wikipedia errors in the early 2000s. Today Wikipedia is much improved and people make great pages with lots of useful information. Only one person contacted me for an error in my site. He's a Slovenian, I had the wrong flag (Slovakia and Slovenia: the flags look alike), poor guy, he was insulted: it's not because Slovenia is a small country ,,,,,, ,, I always regretted not thanking him for the warning. As for the BIG mistake it took me several years to realize it.  Today I find it funny: everyone makes mistakes. In 2012 I took my site off the internet for a bunch of reasons: I found a porn site on an external link in my site and it shocked me , problems with my employer, health problems, Bad Luck, a separation and the sale of the house that I loved so much and that I had great difficulty paying for. Never have I cried, sacred, screamed and, broke things so much while being enraged for this period of my life. I'm not sure if the guy did it on purpose for the porn site but I didn't like it, there were a lot of young kids visiting my site. After these years of misery I improved my site and I am very proud of it. Today in 2021, I am thinking of putting my site back on the internet, because I want to see it in action but I hesitate a lot because I no longer have a personal life and I am afraid of making things worse. I am no longer able to hide, I try to find an isolated place to be alone like in my tree but it is impossible. LEAVE ME PEACE I'm disgusted (damn amateur paparazzi) My worst fault is that I trust everyone but is it really a fault? Flaws, yes I have them like everyone else. A lot of people have crossed the line hurting me. You make my life miserable. Jokes I am able to take but ..... Last year I had an operation and after the operation I played a joke with the nurse, talking about a beautiful nurse. The next morning, a nurse with excess weight walks into the room saying: "I'm sorry I'm not small". It's mental cruelty and psychological harassment in a hospital on top of that. I was supposed to spend 2-3 nights in the hospital but after this episode all I wanted was to go home. I freaked out and they let me go. Another time the nurse had purposely put too much pressure on the oxygen mask in the recovery room, she started yelling at me. I regret all the operations I have had in my life and I never want to have an operation again. To be fooled on the internet is one thing, but to be fooled by nurses and doctors (2). You are outlaws and you are playing with my health and that is dangerous. Hospitals have scared me since 1982 and especially 1994 and today it's even worse. Examples like these, I have hundreds. When 2 people work together to play in my head, I find it not funny. This is bad pressure. I would have to hang out with me wherever I go to a recorder and a video camera to have evidence. What can I do? I am helpless. If there are people who have hurt me and who recognize themselves, I am ready to challenge them: The polygraph even if it is not officially recognized. I want my life back to normal. I tell you again: THIS IS HELL. The net is a bit of a jungle, like my life in society. I realized that I had enemies on the net. Some sites have misled me. Others thought I was putting on too much. What I just told you is only a drop of water in the ocean of my life. It's even gotten to the point where they put parts of my personal life into movies and series. It's so obvious (not to others, but to me yes) that "coincidence and pure coincidence" is bullshit. People who copy and paste cut and paste of my life and making money off my back, they too are outlaws. In sports, I am a fighter, I like to win but I am not a sore loser. It's the same in my life: I fight, but when people tell me or do all kinds of nonsense to laugh at me, I don't get into it. I have a real pig's head and I don't want to play this game. I play innocent in both senses of the word. My parents taught me to be polite and to respect others and that's what I do in my life but it's not always easy. From 2012 to 2017, I didn't touch my site. I started to do geocaching. Again, I got fooled. When I realize that it does not make sense, I act innocent: you do it on purpose then you want me to play your game, no thank you my pig face says NO. I am very polite but (so goes s ,,,,) in my head. There are good things in geocaching and not everyone is fooling. I went very often in the woods and saw a lot of junk: geocaching is: leave no trace and geocachers organize themselves together to collect waste and do a little cleaning. I respect that to the highest point, but when I find a secluded place and everything is clean and I go back there a second time and this time there is a garbage bag all torn apart (will you pick up the trash, my pig's head says NO (I will not be your slave). These are traps, the first time I do not care but when it has been 3 or 4 times that it starts again there are no more doubts. While looking for caches. I saw golf balls, tennis balls and balls in the wood ??????? I stopped geocaching. I feel targeted yes sir. Me when people like these have fun treating me like a child or playing boss with me, you disgust me. I had an accident at work because of a boss but other than him I don't think I had any problems, some were even boyfriends. Bosses take it out in life, I wouldn't have made a good boss, I'm too friendly with guys. When you have a life full of traps like that, you try to do a lot of things to get out of it but with these people, it's never enough (collect the garbage and then after, what will it be?) or a broken down car on the side of the highway, I stop and ask him if he needs help and he laughs in my face. The old Dan who was friendly with everyone and who did a favor to people has gone wild because of these people. In 2019 I started to take care of my site again. Lots of people have made sites, blogs: why would it be any different for me? I don't understand. I put a lot of hours and time, money, sleepless nights into my site. I removed the ads, I don't do this for money, it's a passion and despite all these years, I'm not tired on the contrary, I feel good about my site and it cheers me up . When I am on my site I am former Dan, a bon vivant who likes to play pranks. Old Dan has become Dan the guy who no longer has a wife, no family and no more chums ?, the taciturn, the angry, the enraged, the lonely and the savage because of all the low blows he has received in his life. Despite the difficulties with my employer Bombardier, I want to thank them, because they gave me time and opportunity, a lot of time. I had good boyfriends over there damn that I had have fun with them. (They really know old Dan just like my REAL friends that I had while doing sports). When you have a lot of time to think, you come up with ideas and believe me, there are some good ones on my site today. I am for the sharing of information on the internet. If I told you all the things that have happened to me in my life, you won't believe me and yet it is the plain truth. Don't worry I won't. Phew, I'm almost done, it took me days to write this text (one touch at a time) and try to find the right words to make you understand my moods. Fortunately there is not a lot of text on my site. One thing is certain, I knew that by making a site on sports I could not go wrong even if I am not an expert.

 I will never claim to be as good as real journalists.

 I am just a simple amateur who loves sports.


   Special note for those who have already visited my site from 2002 to 2012.

First, I would like to apologize for removing my site in 2012 without explanation. If you have read the text, I hope you will understand.

 My site is nearly 2,500 pages. Some pages have been removed, others need updating. So there is a lot. information. I also made some changes: placed pages in the archives, that is to say that they will no longer be updated (boxrec.com will be happy). I am far from being a computer expert, the CODE HTML  I use is not let's say the most perfect but the main thing is that it works. I'm afraid to put my site back on the net. I do not know what to do (may 18-2021). If ever I change my mind, I would like your comments: what do you think of my site? The truth just no jokes, no nonsense.

PS: If there are still people stupid enough to write me nonsense after reading this text, GO ON YOUR WAY. I have suffered enough in my life.

Seigneur, pardonnez-leurs, car ils ne savent pas ce qu'ils font.


Okay, i try:The show must go on--Have fun!

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